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Carpeting is a sheer investment and to select one is very ticklish.

Will it fit to the size and odd contour of your dwelling? Does this color match the walls? All these apprehensions can strike any buyer. The dilemma arises for amateurs, as they are not even familiar with the world of rugs and carpets.

Rugs and carpets engross a crucial role in home décor. Ample of manufacturers and exporters are trading rugs and carpets. You can pick carpets from a vast variety. Thus, a master piece that flawlessly meets your style works wonders. Even so, sometimes the corners and the size of our rooms are not of standard size. And it becomes a bit tedious to search for a floor covering that can actually settle down in all the corners accurately.

Therefore, to please all the desire of the buyers, these days custom made rugs are contrived. You have an option to design a rug as per your specifications, seems fabulous. Lots of manufacturers and exporters bestow an opportunity to design your rug according to the size and style of your room. There are several ways to customize a rug and make it a magic carpet, and such carpet can give heavenly look to your dwelling. The rugs and carpets can be categorized according to sizes, styles, designs, fibers and types. The options of changes that can be done in a carpet are mentioned below: wool silk Carpets, Silk Flower, Silk flower carpets, Silk flower Rugs, Silk Wool Carpets,

Style: Customization of rugs provides an option to choose a style that you wish your carpet should depict. You can opt if you want the carpet should have borders, or the fringes should be small or big. You can choose any style that suits best to your dwelling and the décor of the space. To choose amongst all you should be familiar of the various styles of carpets that are manufactured. Rugs and carpets boats various styles such as traditional rugs, modern rugs or contemporary rugs and transitional rugs. Traditional rugs or carpets are designed conventionally including the basic colors and designs. Heavy borders and precisely set motifs make a traditional carpet more formal in looks. The colors used in traditional carpet are basically red, black and navy blue. On the other hand, modern carpets are very experimental like bright colors, and innovative designs. Such rugs and carpets can only suit to an ultra-modern and chic style dwelling. The combination of both the styles, traditional and modern is called ‘Transitional’. The transitional rugs offer recreation of palettes and patterns to suit today's trends. You can choose a style that meets your needs.

Motifs: The motifs that are incorporated in the carpets are basically floral, geometrical and damask. The motifs or designs weaved in a rug or carpet can be altered as per the demand. The motifs can be incorporated in the carpet as per the size and the corners of the room. You can boast your own personal patterns such as name of a dear one, or a picture that you want the floor covering should have. You can show true expressions of your spirit. Floral patterns look very elegant, and the rugs and carpet with floral patterns are known as silk flower rugs, silk wool carpets and flower carpet design.

Fiber: Carpets and rugs are evaluated by the superiority of the fiber employed to weave them, and the designs may vary according to the fiber. Some designs look good only on silk fiber, and some only on wool fiber, it is must to use appropriate fiber as per the need of design. A royal carpet that has lavish motifs and great colors will result better if weaved with silk. The fibers like wool, silk, and other natural fibers are used for weaving. Even the variety of wool brings a lot of diversion in rugs and carpets. There are various varieties of wool such as viscose, New Zealand, Bikaner, Indian, blended wool, silk wool, cotton wool, jute, synthetic and other natural fibers. The diversity in wool comes from the varieties of sheep’s and the season of shredding. The purity of fiber bestows firmness and luster to the floor covering.

Type: A huge market of floor covering offers a wide variety of rugs and carpets. The process of weaving the floor covering brings a huge amount of difference in a rug. There are different processes of manufacturing rugs and carpets, which are hand woven, Hand tufted, needle felt, flat weave, hooked rug, knotted pile, cut and loop pile, saxony, plush, frieze, and level loop pile. The look and texture of a floor covering totally depends on the weaving process. The floor covering can be installed according to the traffic, as the texture helps in hiding the dust in high traffic areas. For more detailed information on rugs and carpet, browse www.carpetandrugpedia.com.

Size: The customization of rugs and carpets is the best option for oddly constructed dorms. These days’ rugs and carpets are designed extremely, lots of experiments take place. The abnormous rooms need special size of rugs and carpets, such that it can cover all the desired area. But generally the master pieces are manufactured in standard sizes. Why to choose the floor covering according to the style and color? You can design a rug as per the size of the room. Adorn each corner of the room with customized and beautiful pieces of art.

Design: The world of rugs and carpets is abundant in design, patterns and colors. Astonishing designs of carpets are easily available for sale. Global markets embrace enormous designs such as Persian carpets, which are known for their designs worldwide. A lot of influence of Persian carpets reflects in Indian carpets, the royal Indian carpets today are world famous. You can easily get your custom made rug in the design you wish. Including Indian carpets, Afshar carpets, Isfahan carpets, Tibetan carpet, Turkish carpet, Persian carpets, and Chinese carpets are the few types of carpets which are very prominent.

Shape: Beautiful rugs and carpets are manufactured in various shapes such as round, square, oval and star. You can adorn all the corners of the room with a number of rugs and carpets. Designer rugs generally are available in attractive shapes and you can choose master piece to enhance the beauty of your dwelling. Or you can ask for the shape that suits your space, but there are some limitations that apply. The floor covering is manufactured considering all the related aspects, the design, size, fiber, and weaving process. The endurance and the style both are equally important. Custom made rugs are best suitable for an oddly shaped room.

Commercial Customization: Commercial use of rugs and carpets has led a large number of manufacturers producing logo carpets. Such carpets embrace imprints of logo of the specific business entity on the floor covering. The perfection in the color, logo, and size enhances the look of the entire premises. A magnificent piece of art work can raise benchmark of any corporate. Nevertheless, hotels also encompass logo carpets on a larger level, lavish and royal carpets generally welcome the visitors at the doorstep. The rugs and carpets play a vital role in embellishment, and every single master piece has to be flawless and sturdy. Round Runner Oval Carpet Rug Designs

Therefore, you should choose the floor covering carefully. All the features of a carpet should be examined minutely. Carpeting is a major investment and the floor covering that possesses good quality can serve with beauty for years. Make sure you always buy carpet from a safe link and reliable vendor.

When it comes to judge upon the quality of a rug, you get confused. Which one to choose? And many other queries strike the mind, where we start searching for all the available stores that can serve us with best products and reasonable prices. We have a hotel which is renowned for its sheer beauty, during its designing we were really concerned from where to purchase and which is the best place for rugs and carpets. I found a website that has been awarded several times for quality and designs of their rugs and carpets. Jaipurrugsco.com, the website displays fabulous compilation of rugs and carpets in a very elegant manner. We found it safe to shop from them as they are selling fine quality products from several years. It has been successful five years and the hotel décor is still as new as it was. We got almost all the master pieces customized as the architecture of the hotel is very unique. Initially, when we searched for good vendors, we found the sales persons were hardly bothered with what we were looking for. And we found some great lines which exactly express the feeling of a buyer:

"Unless the salesperson asks you a lot of questions about your flooring needs in an honest attempt to help you select the right product to serve your needs, you can assume that they are interested in nothing more than their next paycheck. In that case they will likely applaud any selection you might make regardless of it being a wise selection or not."       - Alan Fletcher

Jaipur rugs proved these lines, after a long discussion we came to a point that more of our rugs and carpets in our hotel need to be customized. And we were told what exactly can we get and is possible according to the endurance of the floor covering. We realized that the age of the carpet depends on the traffic according to the quality of rugs. From the color, design, fiber till the shape, each rug manufactured is a master piece. Our purchase of custom made carpets included almost every type of rug like rug runners, area rugs, wool rugs, and silk rugs, round rugs, red rugs, black rugs, outdoor rugs and many more. The maintenance of these master pieces is really essential, application of quality carpet cleaner helps to add few more years. Carpet cleaning keeps the sheen maintained.



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